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Lisa Gwyn

Regional Coordinator, North/Far North & San Francisco/Bay Area

Lisa Gwyn currently serves as one of four Guided Pathways Regional Coordinators for the San Francisco Bay Area region. Lisa has over 25 years of experience championing equitable outcomes for our traditionally marginalized students in K-12 and community college settings. She has coordinated efforts to build industry-aligned K-14 career pathways, assisted in building infrastructure for work-based/co-curricular learning, and built and improved employer engagement. In addition to collaborating with faculty and staff to create experiences for student career exploration and guidance to stay on their academic path, Lisa has facilitated the development of college-wide planning documents, program development, institutional and school improvement plans, and educational program effectiveness. One of Lisa’s most jubilant accomplishments was starting a Career Mentorship Program to enhance student retention, completion, success, and self-assuredness.