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Blanca Chavez

Policy Specialist
As a first-generation college student, Blanca has a deep understanding of the unique challenges that students from underrepresented backgrounds face in their pursuit of higher education. It is for this reason that she has dedicated her personal and professional life to promoting access to college and equitable student experiences in higher education institutions. Blanca’s experience taking community college courses in high school has shown the long-term benefits of dual enrollment programs. By entering a four-year college with college credits, Blanca was able to accelerate her academic journey and gain the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed as a first-generation college student. Blanca is proud that her role in this organization allows her to serve community college students and help them in their academic journey. Blanca is passionate about promoting access and equity in higher education. It is a privilege to be a part of an organization that shares these values and is committed to positively impacting students’ lives and Blanca is excited to take part in this vital work.