Professional Learning

In order to support the Vision for Success, the Success Center provides tools, best practices, and convening opportunities for faculty and staff, allowing the system to work together in implementation of the Vision for Success goals. 

Professional learning work focuses on:

  • Developing and supporting online tools available to the system that offer professional learning resources
  • Hosting convenings that bring together professionals from across the state to share best practices for supporting student success
  • Sharing actionable strategies for meeting Vision for Success goals

Special Projects

Vision Resource Center

The Success Center partners with the Chancellor’s Office to deliver systemwide professional learning through the Vision Resource Center. The Vision Resource Center promotes collaboration and learning for community college professionals across the system:

  • Communities provide an opportunity to develop communities of practice around critical topic areas such as the Vision for Success, Guided Pathways, and promoting equity.
  • Learning Modules are resources and tools to promote shared understanding and increase professional learning in our system. These include access to Lynda and Skillsoft training libraries, as well as modules specific to our system developed in partnership with departments in the Chancellor’s Office.

As we strive toward the goals and commitments in the Vision for Success through implementing the Guided Pathways framework, the Vision Resource Center is the hub for sharing practices, discussing obstacles, and seeing how our system’s many initiatives and programs integrate to support student success.

California community college professionals can register for and enter the Vision Resource Center at