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Supporting Student Success Initiatives

We provide subject matter expertise and thought partnership to the Chancellor’s Office on policy and practice changes that advance the Vision for Success, such as:

  • Facilitating projects to support Guided Pathways implementation
  • Implementing credit for prior learning and other strategies to improve adult learner completion
  • Collecting and analyzing data to evaluate programs (such as Equitable Placement/AB705)

We develop tools to support the Chancellor's Office and guide external stakeholders in their implementation of Vision-related policy reforms. Examples of our work include:

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Guided Pathways Playbook 2.0

The “Guided Pathways Playbook” is your guide to actionable, student-centered and equity-focused strategies to achieve Vision 2030 through Guided Pathways. This playbook offers a series of briefs – each of which includes strategies, resources and examples – drawn from presentations at institutes and webinars of the California Guided Pathways 2.0 project.

Institute Insights Briefs

  • Creating Guided Pathways to Prosperity and Equity
    • Brief Release Date: April 2022
    • Description: Learn evidence-based practices to help students explore, plan and choose high-opportunity programs of study and learn how to use data to help ensure students’ community college journey leads to family-supporting careers or transfer to a four-year university. 
  • Connecting Students to Their Program of Study and the Greater Campus Community
    • Brief Release Date: September 2022
    • Description: Gain tools and insights to implement equitable program onboarding institutionwide; reduce barriers for students and help them to explore, connect, plan and gain momentum in a field of interest to land a meaningful career.
  • Developing a Holistic and Student-Centered Ecosystem
    • Brief Release Date: March 2023
    • Description: Learn how each and every college professional can be part of the shift toward an integrated, student-centered ecosystem to ensure all students have the financial stability, health and support networks they need to gain momentum and complete their program path.

Webinar Insights Briefs

  • “Strategies for Building Student Engagement, Connection & Belonging"
    • Presenter(s): Dr. Linda Garcia, Executive Director of the Center for Community College Student Engagement (CCCSE)
    • Brief Release Date: April 2022
    • Description: This brief amplifies strategies to increase student engagement in metamajors. As presented in a March 2021 webinar featuring Dr. Linda Garcia of the Center for Community College Student Engagement, a student’s sense of belonging on-campus is core to their success —and makes the difference between staying in college and leaving.
  • “Building a Big Tent for Leading Change”
    • Presenter(s): Dr. Alison Kadlec, founding partner at Sova and featured MiraCosta College and Norco College
    • Brief Release Date: December 2022
    • Description: The “Building a Big Tent for Leading Change” brief provides practical examples of how colleges can lead change at an institutional level by building a broad-based coalition of support, and features leaders' experience at Norco College and Miracosta College.
  • “Leading Holistic Student Support Reform”
    • Presenter(s): Suzanne M. Lyons at Phase Two Advisory
    • Brief Release Date: December 2022
    • Description: The “Leading Holistic Student Support Reform” brief elevates promising practices and strategies from community colleges across the nation designing and implementing equity-focused and student-centered Student Success Teams (SST) on their campuses.