Policy and Research

The Success Center provides rigorous, actionable, and timely policy development and research support to the Chancellor’s Office, especially as it relates to student success through the implementation of the Guided Pathways framework and the goals set forth in the Vision for Success.

The work of the Policy Development and Research division of the Success Center includes:

  • Identifying critical policy areas and emerging state and national reforms
  • Providing data-informed suggestions for policy change aimed at improving student success by translating results of research into policy proposals
  • Managing special policy development and in-depth research projects with funding from philanthropic partners

Policy Development

The Success Center develops policy proposals to promote student success, including researching best practices, identifying statutory and regulatory changes, and providing research and analysis for legislative and budget proposals.

Policy issue areas of focus:

The policy issue areas of focus include:

  • Student access, persistence, and completion
  • Closing achievement gaps among historically underserved students
  • Redefining the delivery of student services and supports
  • Financial aid reform
  • Program evaluation
  • Equity as it relates to all policy areas, including the Success Centered Funding Formula

The primary focus of our policy development and research is to support the Chancellor’s Office in implementing the Guided Pathways framework and the Vision for Success goals with an emphasis on equity.


We provide detailed secondary research, background, and data analysis on policies aligned with the Vision for Success goals, system student success reforms, and the Guided Pathways framework.

Research areas of focus:

  • Conduct regulatory and statutory background analyses
  • Draft detailed research reports
  • Conduct data analyses
  • Provide an evaluation of the progress on Strategic Vision goals